An Epic Men's Adventure Retreat

10.06.21 - 10.11.21

Join us for an unforgettable, welcoming experience for 8-12 men seeking adventure.

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"The self is not something ready-made, but something in continuous formation through choice of action." - John Dewey

In order for the physical or emotional body to undergo a transformation, we must be willing to welcome unfamiliar challenge:

  • Adventure

  • Self-Discovery

  • Change-In-Action

These are necessary steps on the path to becoming a more enlightened man.

This is the ROAD TO MOAB.

The thirst for new, exciting experiences is part of our DNA. Humans are meant to seek adventure. When we are scared, or when we are encouraged to stay comfortable and small, it is easy to forget this essential part of our spirit.


Studies have shown that adventure experiences can improve self-competency, personal empowerment, trust, personal identity, emotional resiliency, and social bonding.  Our ability to create connections from our life experiences is organic and natural but it is not self-explanatory.  We must participate in experiences that have a high potential for growth. Then we use our communities to create new learnings and new ways of being as a direct result.  


ROAD TO MOAB is jam packed with expertly guided desert adventures and personal growth workshops: meditation and mountain biking, communication and canyoneering, breath work and off-roading, managing difficult emotions and a string of other experiential activities, all designed to leave you with the tools to lead a more courageous, more honest, more fulfilled life.


This trip is perfect for the man who longs for more adventure in his life. This man may either be risk averse or prone to taking only a certain type of risk in his life. The perfect participant would see this event and say, “Wow, I feel scared. Let’s do it”.  


Maybe you are tired of the same old way of doing things. Maybe you love your life and want to level up by connecting with other men in a powerful way while being in the desert having a hell of a good time.


Whatever your motivation is for saying YES to this trip, you won't regret it. The location of our host is amazing and remote. You will be fed very well. You will push against the edges of where you are comfortable. You will learn, connect, and grow with other men in a way that is powerful and non-threatening. You will not return home as the same man who left.


Bring back the spirit of adventure in your life by thriving, exceeding expectations, and blazing your own trail. 

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